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Big Data. Everybody knows what it is. Except that nobody actually does.

Big Data is a big thing indeed.The way companies and research institutes are approaching the problem of data analysis with respect to the trends of a few years ago is changing the entire scene of the industry, marketing and clinical … Continue reading

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Discovering Main Genetic Interactions with LABNet LAsso-Based Network Inference

Genome-wide association studies can potentially unravel the mechanisms behind complex traits and common genetic diseases. Despite the valuable results produced thus far, many questions remain unanswered.

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Increase production in a cooperative research environment: installing and setup of Git server

Disclaimer: In this post you will not find any math, any formula, any deep thought about science. This is an howto post that somehow allows us (and other scientists) to do science.  When it is time to cooperate with colleagues, coding … Continue reading

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Why is Principal Component Analysis a bust for genetics

I am not a fan of Principal Component Analysis. At least not for big data analysis. I still find it awkward to apply such concepts to, e.g. genetic data. As a brief explanation, for given variables , a principal component is … Continue reading

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Bonferroni is too stringent, fine. Go FDR!

Multiple testing in statistics is quite a fully developed topic to write about in 2014. When multiple testing is applied to the analysis of big data it may still lead to inconsistencies and issues that are usually not expected from … Continue reading

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Big data is driving modern research

I planned to write about big data a while ago. But some blogs anticipated me, so I better post it now, before it’s too late. Indeed, big data is hot today and nobody knows how it’ll be in the near … Continue reading

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