30 min with data scientist Sebastian Raschka

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February 15, 2016

by Francesco Gadaleta

Produced by: worldofpiggy.com

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In this show I interview Sebastian Raschka, data scientist and author of Python Machine Learning. In addition to the fun we had offline, there are great elements about machine learning, data science, current and future trends, to keep an ear on. Moreover, it is the conversation of two data scientists who contribute and operate in the field, on a daily basis.

This episode is guaranteed to have great insights. Enjoy!

Shownotes Notes

Why Python?

A highly subjective point of view about Python, Machine Learning and Language Wars Blog article

Large-scale virtual screening project (finding a sea lamprey pheromone receptor antagonist)


Recent news about our project (Sea Lamprey Mating Pheromone Registered By U.S. Environmental Protection Agency As First Vertebrate Pheromone Biopesticide)

TPOT - Machine Learning Pipeline Optimization TPOT GitHub Repo

Semi-Supervised Learning

Singh, Aarti, Robert Nowak, and Xiaojin Zhu. “Unlabeled data: Now it helps, now it doesn’t.” Advances in neural information processing systems, 2009. Paper

Book Recommendations

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