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I am Piggy and I spend my life reading about math and of course eating. I love science and I support my flatmate who provides me problems to solve and, well, food.

Too big to fail. Or not so big.

In the Nature issue of August 2013, two very renowned authors, Barzel & Barabasi reported a method that claims to reconstruct network topologies [1]. Their paper, titled Network link predictions by global silencing of indirect correlations describes a method that takes into … Continue reading

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Autoencoders explained in one page

Autoencoders represent an amazing trick to learn the structure within the input data. In a neural network, learning the weights of the hidden layer to represent the input is an approach that tries to discover the geometry of the data, … Continue reading

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When should I use Apache Hadoop

Here is a summary of situations in which you should use Apache Hadoop. And those in which you should not.

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Adaptive Boosting explained in one slide

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Big Data. Everybody knows what it is. Except that nobody actually does.

Big Data is a big thing indeed.The way companies and research institutes are approaching the problem of data analysis with respect to the trends of a few years ago is changing the entire scene of the industry, marketing and clinical … Continue reading

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The philosophy behind Statistics

Sometimes I stop doing math and start doing philosophy. Some other times it’s really hard to distinguish between the two. True fact is that today I am relaxing on two fundamental concepts that gave rise to a very aggressive debate … Continue reading

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How to export all R packages from home to work (or anywhere else)

When I change computer, department or workstation, I would like to take my arsenal with me, that usually consists in my skills. Some of  the working tools that I need on a regular basis are installed in the form of … Continue reading

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